Due to its history, Simone à Bordeaux is a committed brand by nature. More than just jewelry, Simone in Bordeaux embodies resilience.

All purchases made at Simone in Bordeaux contribute to supporting two causes dear to the brand: women's health and that of the planet.

Caring for women.

Agnès, who suffered from breast cancer in 2018, did not create a simple jewelry brand with Simone in Bordeaux. She created an escape, a colorful bubble and with it jewels like joyful and committed winks.

Each year, the brand develops a “Pink” capsule collection on the occasion of Pink October and then sold all year round, 100% of the profits of which are donated to the Bergonié Institute which supported Agnès during her illness.

The story of Agnès & Eric

Pink October

Take care of the planet.

In addition to its commitment to women, Simone in Bordeaux is a member of 1% for the Planet and as such is committed to donating 1% of its turnover to environmental associations.

Since 2022, she has supported the Wings Of The Ocean association and thus contributed to a mission to clean up the Arcachon basin by collecting more than 1 ton of waste including 60,000 cigarette butts.

In 2024, the brand continues to support Noémie Catalano, a young sailor committed to offshore racing, as well as the Fondation de la Mer in order to organize 3 ocean clean-up missions by boat.

Noémie Catalano

The Bold - The Film - Part 1 ⛵

Arcachon Basin depollution

Simone in Bordeaux x Wings Of The Ocean
Pereire Beach - September 2023
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