Jewelry that shines.

Simone for mother, grandmother, icon, woman, resilience, poetry.

Bordeaux for roots, authenticity, elegance and color: that of stone, sky, nature, ocean, wine and sun.

Simone in Bordeaux is a bit of all that at the same time.

But above all, Simone in Bordeaux is a story. That of Agnès, the founder, who created the brand during her period of resilience between her two triple negative breast cancers with a desire for color, a need to escape and create.

From this complicated period was born a brand of colorful, joyful and committed jewelry that she has since developed with Éric, early support and co-founder of the brand.

Simone in Bordeaux is therefore a story of women, of couples, of resilience, of sharing...

A story that has not finished being written.


The year of the structure

Building on her success, Simone in Bordeaux is growing. The brand moves to new offices and sets up its Bordeaux showroom there. 12 employees occupy the Allées de Tourny premises and the community is developing around the brand. The counter indicates more than 50,000 followers on the networks, Agnès has developed more than 200 Pantones “Simone à Bordeaux” colors and it is not about to stop.


The year of first times

The year of first times: first recruitment, first professional shooting, first collaboration, first offices... Simone in Bordeaux continues its growth and goes from 30 to 230 partner points of sale in addition to its own site.

That same year, the brand opened a Corner in Paris at the prestigious Bon Marché Rive Gauche.


The year of growth

It was during the confinement period that Eric, Agnès' husband, decided to join this crazy but very real adventure to structure and grow the brand. Complementary in life as in business, together they build what Simone is in Bordeaux: a joyful, colorful, committed and meaningful brand supported by many Bordeaux influencers.


The year of creation

Supported by her loved ones, Agnès opened a store on the “Etsy” sales platform. She began marketing her jewelry under the name Simone in Bordeaux and went from a few orders per day to hundreds per week. The emerging Covid accelerated the growth of the brand and very quickly, Etsy was no longer enough. What was supposed to be a hobby turns into a profession. Agnès, supported by her husband Éric, decides to develop the brand. Agnès' cancers heal and Simone in Bordeaux grows up.


The year of resilience

Agnès, founder of the brand, passionate about fashion and decoration and former Public Relations Manager for major houses, discovers that she has triple negative breast cancer. She decides to fight and puts creation at the heart of her fight. A saving alternative to his tough opponent. The links that she assembles every day to make bracelets add color to her life. It's a way for her to “string the pearls” and try to build her life after.